Hai N


Hai is a storyteller. He tells his stories through the lens. Fortunately, he was born and raised in a family in wedding industry. He is knowledgeable about cinematic procedures, as well as the latest technologies, editing software and cameras.

Kevin N


Kevin has been creating wonderful memories for over 5 years. His love for filmmaking lies within the wedding industry and that’s where he invest all his time into.



Myong was raised in Guam and now resides in San Diego with his wife and beautiful son. Myong has immersed himself in the arts from a young age. From sketch drawing to film production and professional photography he has devoted his life to his passion. Photographing and filming weddings is one of his favorite forms of art. Being able to capture the beauty and energy of the wedding day is a true passion of his. His composition and lighting are incredible. He is an amazing artist that we are grateful to be able to partner with.

Robert V


Robert is an award winning, photographer-videographer serving Northern California. Robert brings over 20 years of experiencing and more than 1000 couples served. He interprets your special moments with his unique style and creative vision. Contact us today and ask that Robert be assigned to your special event.