Nick C


Nick has always had a passion for video. His early inspiration came from watching Alanis Morrisette music videos. He strives to capture every detail while being unobtrusive as possible. When Nick is not behind the lens, he enjoys doing yoga, reading a good book, and drinking coffee with his wife.

Bryant J


Bryant enjoys capturing naturalistic wedding videos that captures real moments, so your video will have your relationship's essence and all its beautiful uniqueness. Aside from weddings, Bryant also directs commercials and narrative films which gives him a unique skill set in capturing your story.

Dmitriy S


Dmitriy is an established photojournalist currently based in D.C., long time local of Seattle WA, originally from Ukraine. Once an airplane mechanic at Boeing, he developed his strong interest in videography through journalism. In his free time he enjoys an outdoor lifestyle. He’s been filming weddings since 2014 and one day dreams to do it with his daughter.

Robert C


Bob has been filming weddings for over 10 years in the South Jersey - Philadelphia area. Bob's vision is to share the compelling stories that each couple has to offer. Bob's passion to capture these stories drives him to create stunning content that touches the soul in everyone. Every story matters.




Every wedding is unique and the key is to find that something special about each couple and try to reflect that in my images. My background as a photojournalist gave me a good eye for catching those special moments that happen at every wedding, but can easily be missed if not able to recognize and capture them..

Marty D


Based in Dover, Delaware, Marty is a 12 year experienced cinematographer and audio engineer who has filmed more than 200+ weddings, commercials, and music videos to date. Marty has built a career in the audio, video, and media design industry with an educational background that includes studies in the areas of film, design, and sound production. Above all, creating beautiful wedding films is what he enjoys most.