Darryl L



Darryl L is a husband and a father that creates timeless wedding films in authentic ways. He is inspired by a real moments experience to capture your wedding day. In 2016, he started capturing with his wife, Shalisha. After capturing a wedding for the first time, his passion for wedding cinematography grew more and more each event. During his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and reading the bible. His desire is to see married couples enjoy life together and providing wedding films that are timeless.



JP has a master’s level education in film production, and has been producing content and filming weddings for over 10 years. Of all the content he enjoys shooting weddings most. He loves being with couples on their special day, and helping to preserve the memories for a lifetime.

Steve P


Steve is based out of Rhode Island and has been working throughout the New England area as an Event & Wedding Videographer since he was 15. Filming hundreds of weddings and corporate events in addition to his own creative work, he is fueled by his passion for cinematography and film. Steve and his team's candid, journalistic style combines unobtrusive shooting techniques and a cinematic perspective to highlight the beauty of your day.

Dan K


Dan is a Pensacola based videographer who is passionate about capturing the best moments of your wedding so you can enjoy them for a lifetime! He loves to get candid moments but knows the importance of staging them too. Dan has 11 years experience as a news videographer so he is used to overcoming problems and knows how to work fast but friendly. Dan enjoys weddings because he's glad to be telling your love story through video!

Jonathan C


Jonathan is a Florida based cinematographer with a degree in video production from The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale. He has over 9 years of experience shooting weddings, and works hard to capture all of the special moments at each wedding. His main goal is to make sure every customer is happy. He listens intently to their wants and needs to make sure they are met. Let Jonathan turn your wedding into memories that will last a lifetime.

Tristan W


Tristian is a freelance Cinematographer based in Jacksonville Florida. Visuals have always been my passion. I started taking photos when I was handed a Polaroid camera at age seven. From there it was a growing addiction. I started experimenting with video at age ten. I practiced my craft in South Florida for years, working on different aspects of video production until I moved to north Florida in 2016. Currently, my work consists of various corporate projects, small commercials, weddings, and music related content. My goal is to articulate a message through cinematic imagery, whether it be through commercial or creative work.

Tony L


As a hopeless romantic, Tony was born to film weddings. His filming style emphasizes gorgeous imagery, natural colors, and sweeping slow-motion shots, which capture the beautiful essence of people and their glorious expressions of love, joy, tears, and celebration. Tony is a much sought-after cinematographer with international credentials and Hollywood experience. He has shot for high-end clients, like McDonalds, Toyota, Verizon, ABC, and Disney. Yet, for Tony, it is weddings that most speak to his soul. With Tony, your "once-in-a-lifetime" will be in the safe and sure hands of a professional and the genuinely caring heart of a cinematic artist.

Carlos R


Twenty-Seven year old Central Florida videographer Carlos enjoys telling stories through his films. Well-versed in weddings, events and nightlife, Carlos really cares about the client's vision and for the past 5 years Carlos has enjoyed creating memorable films for couples and commercial clients alike.