Kurtis & Danique Portfolio

Kurtis and Danique are an amazingly talented husband and wife duo! Kurtis has over 15 years as a professional Photographer and Videographer. He is also one of our elite licensed drone operators! His extensive background in photojournalism, e-commerce and marketing taught him all about visual storytelling, using the movement to create continuity and choosing the right shot for the right moment. His work a mix of fine art, fashion and documentary style photography. Kurtis and Danique are passionate about documenting weddings and telling your story through their lenses. They love to travel, explore and to capture the light, the laughter and everything else in between. There is something so wonderful about capturing real, authentic photographs that hold true emotion and bring the feeling of a particular memory rushing back. It is such a magic to give one moment in time - a look between lovers or the simplest of moments otherwise unnoticed - the opportunity to live on forever. People and their natural beauty are their first love.

Kurtis & Danique's  Photography Portfolio

Kurtis & Danique's Cinema Portfolio