Jason B


I most enjoy the opportunity to curate the most magical moments and stories of a bride and groom's wedding day! To look into the future and say, "This footage is going to be cherished and remain a valuable reminder of the spark that keeps the married couple together for all their days.

Matt N


To say I’m a movie geek is an understatement. My father loves to remind me that by the time I was in elementary school I could tell you who directed and starred in every movie. Tagging along with him in his many years as a broadcast television director I got to see the ins and outs of a shoot. Whether it was covering a parade, the nightly news, or a children’s show, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for what it takes to document life. It has continued on into my adult life with family videos, action sports reels, music videos, and promotional pieces for some great businesses. Now, with the advent of drone technology, I can see the angles from otherwise impossible vantage points. 

Rafael S


After living his first twenty years in Poland, Rafael moved to the United States, lived in Hawaii for almost eight years, and now resides in Massachusetts and part-time in Richmond, VA. He often travels to photograph weddings all across United States and internationally. Rafael strives to produce beautiful aesthetic shots that celebrate those he photographs. His work is truly overflowing with the elements that make photographs beautiful - honesty and authenticity, with the added touches of creative artistry.

Eric S


Eric is a creator, traveler, and artist, but foremost: storyteller. Every wedding is a personal project for him, with unique couples, love stories, families and locations. He strives to tell that story through his own lens, and create a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Harry R


Harry believes that your love story is unique and special. His goal is to showcase your story in a fun, classy, and sexy way. He wants his couples to enjoy them self while not being afraid to look fabulous in front of the cameras. Most importantly it is his goal to let your inner beauty shine for all to see.

James W



James has been a New England based videographer for the past 5 years. He has produced coverage for variety of events, directed interviews in one man band, capture live music moment, and weddings as well. Considers himself the adventurous type, doing something different everyday



Nuri Y


Nuri has worked for NBC & CNN Europe for 6 years filming many different tv shows and news. Director of photography and screen writer of the movie "The Victim"Director of photography for an award winning short film called "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" Last 15 years I done over 100 wedding videos and commercials

Jose M


Jose has over fifteen years of cinematography experience capturing special events, corporate and theatrical shots. His true passion and time is spent capturing weddings, getting to know the wedding couple, being able to capture the special moments that occur on a wedding day.

Keith M


I am here to capture the day, your day. You have taken a long time and put a lot of thought into your Wedding Day and I want to capture it for you. When I record wedding videos, I use what I refer to as a documentary/photojournalistic approach. I do not want to change anything about your wedding day, or be constantly pulling you away from your party. I want you to have fun and enjoy the day and trust that I am there capturing it for you while remaining unobtrusive.

Art P




After graduating from Full Sail University in Winter Park Fl, Art started doing wedding video professionally in 1999. He traveled all over the state of Florida doing weddings until moving back to New England in 2001. Art has worn many hats in his years of video production - videographer, editor, actor, producer, director of infomercials, movies, music videos, legal, documentaries and corporate. He finds his passion for creating wedding documentaries sticks the most. Art finds shooting wedding video intrinsically rewarding, especially when feedback from a client reveals expectations were not only met, but exceeded.


Lola & Hollie




Lola and Hollie aka "Lollie" are a wife-wife videography team based out of Boston. They have had over 8 years of experience filming weddings and events together. Their approach is based in creativity and they love what they do. They have a passion for capturing moments in time and preserving them for years to come.


John H




John has been in the film industry for 9+ years. He’s an expert on filming shorts, music videos, weddings and more! He has filmed for dozens of stars one of which is Nicki Minaj. Filming weddings for him has always been fun because of the ability to create a love story through film.


Sam S



Owen Q



Ryan J



Sam B