Matt V


Matt is a New England native, who has been around cinematography for the past 15 years, focusing his passion of wedding cinematography solely since 2014. His documentary film making combine with a cinematic flare provides a unique view on clients wedding day, capturing special moments that will last a lifetime.

Billy S


Billy has been a professional videographer for over 10 years. He has extensive experience in the wedding market, having filmed over a hundred weddings in New England.

Mike G


Mike’s passion for filmmaking began in film school where he worked on dozens of short films and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts. After graduation he returned to Massachusetts where he worked at High Output, a top motion picture studio and lighting rental facility in the Boston area. Currently, Mike works as a freelance videographer shooting and editing weddings and corporate videos. During his professional career Mike has shot and edited over 250 weddings in addition to corporate videos for clients such as the YMCA, Boston University and Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Michelle Diaz


Michelle is a wedding videographer that has been filming weddings for over 10 years. She specializes in visually telling your story and capturing heartfelt moments

Jason B


I most enjoy the opportunity to curate the most magical moments and stories of a bride and groom's wedding day! To look into the future and say, "This footage is going to be cherished and remain a valuable reminder of the spark that keeps the married couple together for all their days.

Matt N


To say I’m a movie geek is an understatement. My father loves to remind me that by the time I was in elementary school I could tell you who directed and starred in every movie. Tagging along with him in his many years as a broadcast television director I got to see the ins and outs of a shoot. Whether it was covering a parade, the nightly news, or a children’s show, I’ve always had a deep appreciation for what it takes to document life. It has continued on into my adult life with family videos, action sports reels, music videos, and promotional pieces for some great businesses. Now, with the advent of drone technology, I can see the angles from otherwise impossible vantage points. 

John M



As a former sports /news anchor, I was always looking to be on-camera, but my passion always leaned more towards the behind the scenes camera work and putting together a quality production. I quickly developed a passion shooting weddings. These events require hard work and long hours but I enjoy every second of each ceremony knowing that the finished product will make people laugh, cry, smile and then probably cry again as they relive every moment of their special day and see things they may not have noticed in the moment.