Paul F. Portfolio

Paul was raised by a family of artists, entrepreneurs and travelers. They instilled in him a playful sense of wonder and creativity. Paul has the brilliant eye of an artist and a knack for telling compelling, beautiful stories through his lens. With decades of experience, his innovative photojournalistic and vivid imagination have made him one of our most sought after artists. The essence of Paul’s talent lies in his ability to capture the real soul of a wedding – he celebrates the beauty in every person and place he photographs or video records. Paul's love of film making started at a very young age where he made animated movies at the Yellow Ball Workshop in Lexington. This passion took him to the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design where he earned a BFA in Film & Video Production. Paul has taught many video production classes, produced many documentaries, shorts and public relation spots. Having been studio manager for Duxbury and Concord/Carlisle TV and news videographer for Wellesley Media – Paul has been the recipient of many distinguished awards. We can’t get enough of his innovative, natural, contemporary style and stunning images. His ability to capture real and relevant moments is nothing short of genius.

Paul's Cinema Portfolio

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