Wonma A


Wonma “Wo” is a full-time cinematographer and photographer. He has spent the last seven years filming events, commercial videos, corporate videos, advertising videos and of course her favorite, weddings. Being a believer of love, producing creative, story-telling imagery inspires him to make the most of your special day.

Brian B


Brian B’s non-intrusive shooting style utilizes multiple angles and overhead perspectives to capture movement, facial expressions, reactions, and full setting details to their fullest throughout an entire event. His use of audio enhancements ensures all meaningful sounds are recorded and replayed with the same sentiment, passion, and excitement expressed in the actual moments of the day. Every scene is carefully viewed and captured to create a feature or short film that perfectly complements the story of each couple. More than anything, it is Brian’s greatest honor to provide each client with utmost respect, care, customer service, and a beautiful way to remember all the special moments of each event captured.

Darryl L



Darryl L is a husband and a father that creates timeless wedding films in authentic ways. He is inspired by a real moments experience to capture your wedding day. In 2016, he started capturing with his wife, Shalisha. After capturing a wedding for the first time, his passion for wedding cinematography grew more and more each event. During his spare time, he loves spending time with his family and reading the bible. His desire is to see married couples enjoy life together and providing wedding films that are timeless.

Jennifer W


Jennifer Weaver, has had a passion for video production and photography from a very young age. She attended school for media arts production, and has certifications in digital production techniques, digital photography, and graphic communication. While Jen does most of her shooting around the Upstate of South Carolina and near her home city of Greenville, SC, she loves traveling to new places to share her talents. She specializes mostly in wedding videography, but also does commercial work, promotional projects, and short films. Jen’s mission is to exceed clients’ expectations with her creative vision, and to sculpt a masterpiece for everyone to enjoy!